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1896-97 South Essex League (First Division)

First Team Competition


Hermit Road Ground

3 - 2 (Gresham 2, Dove)

26 September 1896

Barnes, Stevenson, Holstock, Nichols, Dandridge, Davie, Rossiter, Dove, Sage, Morrison, Gresham


South West Ham FC: Tidal Basin

2 - 0 (Gresham, Morrison)

31 October 1896

Graham, Stevenson, Neil, Bird, Dandridge, Dove, Rossiter, Williams, Hatton, Davie, Morrison

Owing to a remarkable occurrence the Thames Ironworks Club suddenly finding themselves, for the time being at least, without a football ground. The fixture in the First Division of the South Essex League was decided at Tidal Basin. The South West Ham F.C. being without a match on that day, very kindly allowed the use of their ground.
Woodford played with ten men, and probably would have had better fortune if Fry had been present. Thames won the toss, and on Woodford commencing operations the Ironworks had to clear from an attack. Subsequently play became very fast and at times awfully exciting, both goals being frequently in danger. The interval arrived with a blank score sheet.
In the second half the Thames had by far the best of matters and scored twice, Morrison having the credit of opening the account, whilst Gresham put on the second point. On two occasions Woodford had some hard luck, but almost generally throughout the second half the Ironworks goalkeeper had very little to do.


Annaund, Jones F., Jones R., Wetton, Bolden, Laird, Fry, Woods, Barnard, Hoy, Wave

Thames Ironworks turned professional and withdrew from the South Essex League

The following fixtures were all void:


14-Nov - Brentwood (A) Brentwood:

21-Nov - St Luke's (A) Becton Road:

28-Nov - Romford (H) Hermit Road Ground:

12-Dec - Leytonstone (H) Hermit Road Ground:

19-Dec - Manor Park (H) Hermit Road Ground:

19-DecWoodford (A) Woodford:

09-Jan - South West Ham (A) Tidal Basin:

23-Jan - South West Ham (H) Hermit Road Ground:

30-Jan - St Luke's (H) Hermit Road Ground:

27-Feb - Leyton (H) Hermit Road Ground:

06-Mar - Manor Park (A) Manor Park:

20-Mar - Leyton (A) Leyton:

27-Mar - Romford (A) Romford:

03-Apr - Leytonstone (A) Leytonstone:

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